posted on 17 Jul 2011 17:44 by fallenangel
Dear my beloved family and friends,
This entry dedicate to my single life which make you doubt a lot, lol. I wrote this to explain and express my reason for being single.
First of all, give me 10 reasons for why i have to have a boyfriend and i will disprove all those reasons within 3 minutes. That might look a lil bit aggressive but yeah i can.
The reason is i'm not ready. That's it. Damn when i thought about what to reply you guys it was like 3 or 4 pages but all i can say here is just 'i'm not ready'. Such a loser, lol.

Don't worry. I'm sooooooo happy right now, back then and forever :D

Don't worry, live your life. Well, being single is not a crime, people. I'm just falling in love with my life : )  
P.S. I know that not any of you will read this, lol. 




big smile

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big smile

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